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Saugatuck Boutique Shopping

Discovering Saugatuck’s Hidden Treasures: Unique Shops and Boutiques

With our walkable downtown filled with blocks of locally-owned shops and small-town charm, Saugatuck boutique shopping is a treat, whether casually browsing for a Michigan-themed souvenir to bring home or a stylish new outfit. These boutiques take pride in sourcing the best products, often from local artisans and with fair trade in mind, in line with the Saugatuck ethos of shopping local and...

hotel lobby decorated for Christmas

Celebrating the Holidays in Saugatuck

Wintry Beauty and Holiday Charm on the Shores of Lake Michigan

With autumn’s annual tapestry of fall foliage winding down and brisk, beautiful wintry days arriving, the holiday season inches ever closer, a time of year when Saugatuck takes on a festive and joyful ambiance. Saugatuck events add to the seasonal cheer, offering residents and visitors a variety of activities to celebrate the winter months. Although some businesses and eateries focus on the summer season and shut...

From Canvas to Coastline: Exploring Saugatuck’s Art Scene

Michigan’s “Art Coast” – An Artistic Haven for Over a Century.

Since the early 1900s, Saugatuck has attracted artists and art lovers alike, drawn by the gorgeous natural scenery along eastern Lake Michigan, welcoming culture, and thriving galleries.   With the founding of the Ox-Bow School of Art in 1910, Saugatuck became an esteemed destination for local artists and those from afar, sharing studio space on their sprawling 115-acre campus and...

Spooky Soirees: Your Halloween Saugatuck Guide and the Adults-Only Parade

A Saugatuck Halloween Tradition and Parade Unlike Any Other

As autumn sets in, with the leaves putting on a vibrant show around town and a chill in the evening air blowing in off Lake Michigan, it’s a beautiful time of year to visit. The days are generally quieter and more relaxed after the always-busy...

Flight of Cider Samples

A Journey through Michigan's Cider Scene This Fall

The scent of crisp air, the tapestry of orange, yellow, and red leaves, and the taste of freshly pressed apple cider must be Autumn in Michigan. Michigan Cider is an experience you won’t soon forget.  Join us this fall at our Michigan bed and breakfast and visit some of the best cider mills in Michigan. 

A Rich History of Cider Making at Michigan Cider Mills

Farm to Table

Taste of the Countryside: Uncovering Saugatuck’s Farm-to-Table Delights

Saugatuck Restaurants – Where Farm-Fresh and Locally-Sourced Ingredients Shine

Saugatuck in the Fall: A Perfect Destination for a Romantic Getaway

Nestled alongside the scenic Kalamazoo River, the picturesque town of Saugatuck is a haven of charm and romance and is one of the most romantic places in Michigan. While this gem on Michigan’s west coast is a sought-after summer destination, it's during the gentle embrace of fall that Saugatuck truly shines. When the summer crowds disperse, and autumn hues paint the landscape, Saugatuck transforms into the perfect backdrop for your Lake Michigan romantic escape.

Kalamazoo River Boating

From Paddling to Wildlife Watching: Top 5 Summertime Activities on the Kalamazoo River

From Paddling to Wildlife Watching: Top 5 Summertime Activities on the Kalamazoo River

Indiana Dunes State Park

Discover Indiana Dunes State Park: A Hidden Gem Along Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan – Home to Preserved Nature, Outdoor Adventure, and the Midwest’s Best Beaches

With its 2,000 acres of nature preserves, pristine beaches, and miles of trails throughout sloping dunes and dense forests, there is no better place to experience the beauty of the Lake Michigan shoreline than Indiana Dunes State Park

Saugatuck Chain Ferry

Saugatuck Chain Ferry: Your Complete Guide to a Historic River Crossing Experience

Nestled along the shores of Lake Michigan, the charming town of Saugatuck, Michigan, offers a delightful blend of natural beauty and rich history. Among its many attractions, the Saugatuck Chain Ferry stands as a unique symbol of the town's heritage, offering our Saugatuck bed and breakfast guests an enchanting river crossing experience. 

Love Abounds at West Michigan's Pride Festivals

The neighboring coastal towns of Saugatuck and Douglas along the shores of Lake Michigan are well-known as LGBTQ-affirming vacation destinations. Our vibrant art scene, charming downtowns and beautiful beaches all complemented by a welcoming atmosphere draw travelers looking for a safe, inclusive place for fun and relaxation. Each June, that inclusive spirit is celebrated in communities all over West Michigan, including Saugatuck and Douglas, during Pride Month with parades, festivals, drag...

Saugatuck Center for the Arts

Summertime Brings Broadway Shows to Saugatuck

You don't have to travel to New York City to see outstanding Broadway shows with high-caliber actors, music, sets and costumes. Every summer, performers from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and other major cities audition to be part of Mason Street Warehouse, West Michigan's only Equity theatre company. Audiences can see them take the stage at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts for provoking plays and hit musicals.

Distillery Tasting

Saugatuck's Craft Distillery Tasting Room

If you're a frequent visitor here in Saugatuck, it's very likely you've explored our local wineries and craft breweries during your getaway trips. And while Michigan is better known for its wine and beer scene, our state's reputation for handcrafted...