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All Guest Rooms Include:

  • Custom king bed with luxury linens
  • Private bathroom
  • Jason Hydrotherapy Tubs featuring Microsilk
  • Turkish Towels
  • Candles
  • Bedside electrical outlets
  • Free Wi-Fi high-speed internet
  • Complimentary in-room gourmet breakfast

Other Amenities by Room:

Location Room Lake
# of Flat
Screen TV's
Fireplace* Private
1st Floor Lakeshore full 1 AS x
Oval beach full 1 AS x
Sandpiper full 1 AS x
Coral Gables partial 2 GAS  
Singapore   2 GAS  
Twin Gables full 1 AS  
2nd Floor Harbor full 2 GAS  
Coastal Dunes full 2 GAS  
Blue Star   2 GAS  
Butler  partial 2 GAS  
Clipson   2 GAS  
Saugatuck Full 2 GAS X
Douglas Full 2 GAS X
Oxbow Full 2 GAS X
Fenn Valley Full 2 GAS X
Pier Cove Full 2 GAS X
Sweet Gale   2 GAS X

* AS=All Season, GAS=Gas Fireplace

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